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You own a business that provides services for the outdoor community and you care about sustainable practices?

  • Share posts to increase your visibility.

  • Create events to involve people.

  • Raise your targeted customer base.

  • Support environmental projects you like.

  • Promote your touristic area with sustainable strategies.

Outdoor lovers


You are an outdoor lover who cares for our planet and wants to support environmental safeguarding?

  • Share your outdoor experiences.

  • Find places and activities that fit your interests.

  • Connect with others and share your outdoor adventures.

  • Support environmental projects you like.

  • Create activities and spots to share with likeminded people.

Planet protectors


You run environmental or social projects which contribute to safeguarding our planet and you want to raise awareness for sustainable topics?

  • Share posts, launch “calls to protect” and widen your visibility.

  • Create actions to involve people and safeguard the planet.

  • Raise endorsement and increase the support of more people.

  • Promote your projects and get financial support from the Movetodiscover community.

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Share and discover experiences and actions, talk about your sustainable products or practices, inspire people to explore and protect nature
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Spots, friends, and services
Find everything you need around you in real time
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Places to explore
Discover places for your favorite outdoor activities and share them with others
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Connect with people
Create and join environmental activities, events or Calls to Adventure, and make new friends.

Doing things the other way

Why this app is different.

This community creates social benefits.

By using this tool, you are helping to raise social environmental awareness. And only by taking action we can protect our planet - now and for future generations.

We don't sell your data, but we need your support.

We don't sell data to third parties or use it to integrate commercial advertisement. That's why we need the monetary support of the community.

Create a positive environmental impact.

From the very first moment, this project had a green heartbeat. We are aiming to create a real positive impact on the environment, based on our community's funding.

Let’s make environmental
safeguarding social

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